We've Got a Winner: L'oreal Hair Makeover

After days and days of poring over entries for the Chronicles of Giveaways: Hair Makeover from L'oreal, I finally zoomed in on a winner! Congratulations, Marian Guiang!

I know that I deserve to have a hair makeover by L'Oreal, Tara! I have been dealing with my ugly, frizzy, dry and unmanageable hair for a very long time now. Way back in grade school, I remember my classmates calling me "Sabog" and literally they don't call me by my name because of my very "buhaghag" hair that's all over my face. I felt bullied because of how I looked back then. High school and college life, there was still no escaping with my friends telling me, "Marian, maybe you should treat your hair for a new color? or cellophane perhaps?kahit ano para maganda tignan hair mo girl!" Fast forward to today, I am now a mother of two. Working full time and taking care of my children didn't give me the time to pamper myself. As a doting mom, I am this type that would say to myself, "Hmpf.. I'd rather buy my kids milk than prettify myself!" I think this attitude got the better of me when even my hubby started telling me that, "Maybe you should get a new hairstyle, or perhaps dye your hair? Hindi ka ba nagsasawa sa buhok mo?" (READ: You look unattractive and haggard, honey!) Every single day, before I go to work, I dry my hair and won't leave without ironing my hair. Imagine that! I'm wearing the same dull, black, lifeless hair for more than 10 years now. I badly need a hair makeover! I'm not afraid to experiment! It's just that I don't know what to do with my hair anymore! I just want to have a vibrant and healthy looking hair! I want to see color and life for my hair! This I know would help me boost that confidence in me and would probably help me forget that once in my life, kids labelled me as that "Sabog" student! I badly need this hair makeover! Please do justice for my hair L'Oreal! I want to flaunt a new me proudly telling everyone, "It's L'Oreal!" Thank you!

Unbeknownst to everyone, Marian and I went to the same grade school, were classmates in sixth grade and we were both in the Editorial Board of the Jr. Clarionette, the school's newspaper. I haven't seen nor talked nor heard from her till now and it's such a nice thing that this L'oreal giveaway gave us both a reason to communicate. Aside from the story which I can remember, I am won over by a story well told, with punctuations, proper endings and all.

Looking forward to seeing the before and after photos, Marian {and maybe we can go meet up, too!}

Love and light hair,