OOTD: Betty Draper

Betty Draper nee Hofstadt was my main hook why I got into watching Mad Men.

For a girl in advertising, it was surprising I got onto the Mad Men bandwagon late. Well, just look at Betty's dresses, as seen below:

The cinched waist is pure vintage awesomeness.

Gloves and florals and such elegance.

Even longer gloves, cap sleeves and a creamy white palette.

Pastels are her thing and she makes it look so glam!

This three fourth's pale lime dress makes being a homemaker so elegant!

Betty Draper can't look too glum in this polka dot party dress.

Like me, Betty Draper likes her pearls, too.

Floral-patterned satin and shirred chiffon --- Betty layers pattern over patterns.

 Ain't that coat's color just too perfect for words?

This Betty Draper Barbie is just awesomesauce and I just want the dress in life size!

Betty does glittery <3

Now that we're all sufficiently briefed about the elegance and vintage fashion-gasm that is Betty Draper's wardrobe, let me share with you a recent photo of a dress that reminds me so much of Betty Draper {I think I might've have had her in mind when I conceptualized my outfit that day!}

Couldn't quite go the Betty Draper hair way so I had my hair done in a pouf <3

Obviously, this was for work purposes =P

Dress: Plains and Prints
Bangle: Victoria Marin
Shoes: Parisian Shoes

After that much Betty-inspiration, I now want a party that's Mad Men themed!

Love, light and lots of elegance