Happy Yogaversary to Me!

I feel like splurging on a Moet and toasting bubbly all over.

It's June, and while I cannot exactly pinpoint the first time I ever stepped on a mat and whispered an om, I know for sure that June is the month that I got married to yoga. Teachers would say that it takes six months before one can determine if she likes/loves yoga for real.

It took me a month. In June of last year, I knew I was going to commit yoga because every Tuesday and Wednesday {I practice both Ashtanga and the basic of yoga, Gentle Flow}, I am frothing at the mouth at 5:30 PM to step out of the office and get lost in practice. During my first few attempts at meditation, I cried {and I thought I was just sweating} and realized I've been playing deaf with things I didn't want to hear.

It kind of got easier after.

I found that I couldn't go through a week without practicing yoga. Yoga, in so many ways changed me, fixed my commitment problem, slowed down my ADD-driven lifestyle and taught me that life was really simple and there wasn't so much of things I need to be happy. I learned that happiness wasn't a very wide smile -- it was being content with whatever's going on in your life. I learned that being flexible and smiling through physical pain was good training for when things become tough in life. I learned that life is a lot like yoga --- you really cannot compare yourself to others because someone is bound to be better or worse than you. I learned that if you look at others, you lose sight of your drishti and you tumble.

Being fit, sweating buckets and losing unnecessary weight was just really a bonus. Living healthier came as a non-negotiable. I have since dropped the cigarettes, quit eating pork, switched to tea from coffee and rarely ate beef. 

There's much I still want to learn {poses or otherwise} and I don't think I'm stopping anytime soon. For now, I'm just happy to be in this for a year and counting {another relationship outside of my family and work!}.