Things I Love Sundays: Choices

It's a lovely Sunday afternoon as I type this -- no more of the scorching heat, just lovely, pleasant Seattle-like weather. I'm onto my second cup of coffee, just finished cleaning the house out of its grime, scrubbed floors and walls clean. In the background, the opening theme of Sex and the City is playing and Carrie Bradshaw is walking around the city in a pink tutu. I may be spending my breaks watching Grey's Anatomy lately but my true (series) love will always be Carrie and the girls.

I am feeling more like myself lately --- none of the days I'd spend lying on my bed all day with no desire to write. I am becoming sociable {again} and have been doing more normal things. Life may be a little anti-climactic but today, and for the next days moving forward,

I am choosing happiness. One thing I realized is this: Life will always, always throw you curveballs, and sometimes all you want is veg in front of the TV and wallow and pretend you're sick but you've always got a choice. Use your right to choose to feel better, your choice to not let anything make you feel miserable. 


And with that, here are the things that made me happy, things I love this week. I hope you are all having an amazing day, too, my loves!

 Imagine my face right now --- it's like THIS, as I imagine I'm talking to you <3 Quiet, lots and lots of quiet. Concerts, jumping around in tributes. Resting when needed. Sitting in noisy quiet. Moderate drinking. Waking up to Korean food. Knowing glances. Champagne lunches.

Having my usual nail time at Beauty and Butter Mega and meeting my amazing friends and readers, Pie and Yssa. See Yssa's blog about the date here.

Spending pre-party/concert working and being with my favorite people in the world.

The Spa's Ginger Tea. I'd come back every single time because of this {but you know how amazing their massages are, too!}

A new favorite place.

 Whomever invented the pomelo shake deserves a purple heart.

 Macarons on a weeknight peppered with hilarious dares and funny truths.

...speaking of dares  {ahem, Shen}

I want to try you out so bad.

Cafe Juanita's Sticky Toffee Pudding is serious foodgasm.

My favorite tandem is about to return.

A glass of Colombelle to end the work week.

 ... and a follow up of Hoegaarden for two.

 In preparation for diving mad into tons of makeup, I am faking a good night's sleep with these.

 Getting all glammed up, twice this week <3

Being a witness to a union so full of love and bliss.


Hearts and red velvet cupcakes -- my weakness. I can eat one from Sonja's and I instantly feel better.

... and finally ending the week with a strawberry mango margarita. 

Oh and guess what made me laugh the loudest in weeks:

Despite all the challenges, life has been really good. Smile, girls! I hope you're all having a fabulous week!

xo, Tara