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Living an inspired life stems from funneling inspiration from people --- from prominent people whom we look up to, to ones we've never heard of yet strikes that very chord. Oprah does this to me all the time, every single word of her magazine inspires me to be happy, to live my best life. And then there are the men and women of TED. And graduation speeches that are usually common sense wisdom --- yet no one, except them, goes out to tell the world.

There's this thing that I do --- when my attention span can afford it, I tune in to whatever video is playing on one of my favorite TED videos. One of my favorites, a video I watched from wanting to desensitize my regrets, my sadnesses, and maybe, it worked, in its most profound purpose. When you're in your late 20s, even 10 minutes is not to be wasted on something stupid, something dumb. The danger of viral videos these days, are that they're meant to be viral and so it loses its purpose. Viral marketing have become empty and devoid of its messages. But not TEDx.

How to Spot a Liar | Pamela Meyer Or how to know if the person standing next to you is happy to be with you at all.

Kathryn Schulz | The Psychology of Regret

If I Should Have a Daughter | Sarah Kay

Radical Self Love | Gala Darling

Helen Fisher | The science of love and the future of women

A colleague's {hello, Claire!} favorite (and such an inspiration)  The Power of a Time Off | Stefan Sagmeister

Jacqueline Novogratz | Gettysburg University Commencement Exercises

Ever since I've seen my first TED video, I knew I wanted to become one of those wide-eyed audiences {yes, eventually a speaker!} and I can't believe my dream is coming true. But before that:

Inspiring hope in a cynical world might be the most radical thing you can possibly do. Hope may not feed us, but it is hope that sustains us.
Before you finished getting out of bed, brushing your teeth with clean tap water, putting on clothes, making breakfast, turning off the light, walking out the door, you are benefiting from the work of hundreds, if not thousands, of individuals from all around the world. They all deserve your spirit of generosity. So walk with humility and reverence for the human endeavor, and know it's your job to help take that endeavor forward.

I was elated to know we're all getting our own dose of TED. TEDxKatipunanAve recently opened its doors to audiences and while I was 50%-50% on the essay-writing, I gave it my best shot and I am even happier to know that I am attending my first ever TED talk. Here was my answer that was featured on the TEDxKatipunanAve Facebook page:

 If money management skills were taught in school, I believe it would help reinforce the uplifting of educational pursuits for children -- and would push forward proper family planning and reproductive knowledge. The result is a less material-crazy, less populated Philippines. I'd want that.

There's a whole slew of amazing, inspiring, modern day heroes who are speaking at the second TEDxKatipunanAve. These are the men and women who make differences everyday, big and small, and those details, they're all bigger than us. It inspires us to pursue a higher purpose, a higher meaning to these lives we're living. However, one made me click the register button:

Maria Ressa, former CNN reporter and now CEO of, I would gladly answer any essay writing contest to hear her speak.

I think the organizers are still accepting applications to attend --- so in case you aren't doing anything on June 16th, register here and see you at the TEDxKatipunanAve.

Inspire. Inspire someone everyday. And be inspired.