Things I Love Sundays: Finally, blog time.

Belting out Wilson Phillips' Hold On as I type this, I am finally free to really sit down in front of my laptop and blog without guilt. The last few weeks have been unforgiving, if there was any level a career woman's life can get to. Suddenly, I understood why adults {when I was little}, seemed so tired all the time --- work just gets more demanding and crazy over time, and for good reason, too! I realized that the reason I've been tired was because I've been so consumed with the tasks I have to tackle, my mind and my heart had been onto it all time and well --- at the end of the day, I just really want to collapse sometimes.

But hey, no one is complaining.

Despite all the neverending busyness, I am never at a loss of things to be thankful for, to look up into the heavens and just be grateful for so many things.

Different stories -- things that make you smile in the morning :D

Worship service --- I never thought I'd be frothing at the mouth on Sunday evening to do this. Knowing finally that I am not dying, questioning my mortality before that. Seeing my APE results and everything is all good.

Eating yogurt every after meal. 

 Love me if you dare | One of the best French rom coms I've ever seen <3

A really, really good practice

--- finally, I was able to do a headstand with my colleagues {for some reason, I have issues if I know the people I am practicing with}. Normally, by the tail end of yoga session, I am too tired to do my planks well but last Tuesday's practice was amazing --- I had the same energy from beginning to end. Thank you, yoga gods.

Nina Garcia's What to Wear

I have such fabulous additions to my library that I am tempted to hibernate and just read.

Parisian Chic by Ines de la Fressange and Thirty Things every woman should have and know by 30 by The Editors of Glamour

And to throw a little glam to my week, a glass of green apple margarita is in order in the middle of the week. Catching Spiderman and ogling Emma Stone's perfect poreless skin and incredibly huge eyes. 

In an interview for Teen Vogue, couldn't help by swoon when Andrew Garfield said: "It was like I woke up when she came in." I am Emma Stone's and Gwen Stacy fan forever.

Dinner with my BFF after so many weeks of attempted dinners. Having crazy {and crazy, I mean crazy} laughs over simple things, meeting inspiring people, creating allies, and trying to hide that smile when all you want to do is break out into a huge grin.

New scents to spritz. Mmm.

 It's been a week, I miss these little monsters {lol so Lady Gaga!} Rock of Ages. Mig Ayesa. Screaming to Mig Ayesa's dancing. 1,000 sit ups.

Memories of Nora Ephron. Launching into a Nora Ephron marathon starting withJulie and Julia.

The answer to bad hair days.

Garance Dore's Cannes video. I swear, in this lifetime.

 Can't wait to tote this around --- so soft!

 This photo is an understatement of what transpired last night :D Love you, Team E!

Photo from Phoebe:

Who said it's not possible to have friends when you're not in kindergarten anymore? Today's the first day of July and it's been amazing.

This has been the soundtrack of my week, and maybe this incoming week's, too:

Charlie Brown | Coldplay

You know how they say the universe will give you what you think you deserve? I think that's very true :)

So keep thinking of what you deserve and you'll get it. Have a lovely weekend, my loves!