On Black Beauty Hair Care

Sometime, long time ago, I was one of the crazy high school girls who jumped into the horse-shampoo bandwagon because I wanted to have long, lush hair -- which I achieved! But just like any of those girls, I promptly forgotten about it and moved on to the next hair care trend.

When Daryl of Black Beauty sent me a package containing bottles and bottles of hair care, I was just very well reminded of those days --- and thought, that now we are lots older, I sure wouldn't mind using a brand that is meant for thickening the hair.

Overall: While the products are clearly meant to address various hair concerns such as dandruff and lackluster, I find that its consistent benefit is really thickening the hair. Upon an informal research, I discovered that my male colleagues {with rather decreasing hair} used this. "Kumakapal talaga yung strands ng buhok ko," a male friend said.

The Great:

  • I honestly haven't used a unisex-scented shampoo in a long, long time, so that was quite refreshing and surprising in a good way.
  • I've always had thick hair but for a not-too-moisturizing shampoo, hair fall was very minimal, which was good.
  • Not too heavy on the scalp --- though see next paragraph for the catch.
  • Bubbly --- I mean, who wants shampoo that doesn't sud up?
  • Available at groceries, Mercury Drug and Watson's. 
  • No dandruff -- though I rarely get dandruff, this product didn't cause any of that.
  • No allergies. 
  • Product dispenses well {for the bottle} and the hot oil product is in a tub so no worries on that.
  • Price range is not bad --- a 120 mL bottle is around Php130.

The Not too Great:

  • I have super dry hair so Black Beauty was a real challenge to use even with the conditioner. Despite the dryness, no hair fall but still, I had to use it every other day to manage the frizz.
  • What's up with the packaging? I was thisclose to ripping the cover apart because I don't like seeing horses and italicized fonts in my bathroom.
  • To answer Patricia's comment: It didn't lessen hairfall but to be fair, it didn't promise that.

Recommendation: This is perfect for girls {and boys} who are experiencing thinning hair --- because I've heard of so many comments already about that, so that must be true! Just this long weekend, I recommended this to two male friends because their hairlines are showing ha ha. As for me, I am still using the products every now and then to manage my permed frizz :D

Plus, it's really a challenge to look at the horses in the bathroom. Have you tried Black Beauty yet?