Capture the Color and What I Wore

Some days, I am awfully thankful for this blog for being a source of social life. While everyone else gets to earn big bucks from blogging, the next thing to friendship I am thankful for is an excuse to meet people and discover new interests and really, enlarge this already big circle I am moving in.

One of those nights that I did not spend being alone in my room or pattering around the house was during Kerastase' Chroma Captive Launch at The Goose Station:

Prior to being a blogger, I was happily moving around corporate circles, seeing old friends and meeting a new friend every once in a blue moon. Now, while being a blogger and its definition, authorities and all that are still gray, I am only happy to be part of a group who are being asked to witness beautiful revelations every now and then.

And what's more? The recent launch of Kerastase's Chroma Captive highlights the need to protect colored hair, an attribute that not many girls I can talk to because where I revolve, not every girl like going through the trouble of getting their hair colored every three months or so.

Kérastase’s ultimate in colour protection, this new innovative technology is protected by four patents and aims to minimise the impact of the three key causes of colour fade plus protect colour intensity for up to 40 days:
Linseed Oil: Shine Repairs the hair structure and coats its surface for maximum fibre smoothness and shine.
UV Filter & Vitamin E: Protects Protects the hair fibre from all oxidative external aggressions such as UV rays and free radicals.
Zinc Gluconate: Preserves Colour Intensity Traps pigments deep within the hair shaft to stabilise colour and preserve its intensity.

Having had colored hair for almost seven years now, I can relate to the thought of having dull, non-radiant hair. It is true what they say about it: it is a high-maintenance thing.

Ask anyone with colored hair and hear that girl talk about all the things we have to do to make it look like we were born with shiny, non-black hair.

But more than the hair products, the girls, including myself were treated to a lovely dinner by Chef Rob and Sunshine Pengson of The Goose Station. On one of the dishes, my seatmate, Glowie of L'oreal mentioned I was closing my eyes in delight. *shucks* Guess it was THAT good.

Gotta love a centerpiece that's right on theme.

Eggs Benedict aka the culprit to the involuntary closing of eyes

 One of the snacks --- which was utterly delicious!

 The snack with the lychee mojito. Yummmmmy!

 Everyone in my table had steak and I had salmon. YUM.

 Strawberry Sorbet. Yum!

Dress: Promod
Pumps: Nine West

 Kerastase's Glowie and Maita (right) with Chef Rob Pengson

 Glowie and Kerastase's Media Advocate Laura Charlton

Am excited to try the products out! How about you? How to you capture the color of your colored hair?