Beauty is an inside job

Despite all the products, all the skincare tips, all the procedures that can be found in this blog or somewhere else, I am still a big believer that being beautiful comes from within.

Now, I'm not about to go I'm-too-perfect on you --- I am and still on a journey to finding that daily source of smiling and being calm and secure. I believe it wasHelen Mirren who said it, "Physically, a woman is at her most beautiful when she's in her 20s, but she's also at a time she's most clueless." You have no idea how true that is for me!

Of course, numerous things can make a girl frown in her 20s eg. trying to make it on your own, living alone, if you're single in a world of couples {that can be a stressor, too}, deadlines, proving you're worth to be promoted, blogging {for some}, managing a hectic social life and LOTS MORE. What's a girl to do, more than slapping on a ton of beauty products, right?

I'm sharing with you some of the things that have been working for me when I didn't have as much breakouts and when people teased me about 'glowing.' :D

After all, it is my personal belief that everything physical is a manifestation of all things internal.

1. Get some endorphins aka exercise. I cannot forget the classic Elle Woods line from an eternal favorite, Legally Blonde, "Endorphins make you happy" as she was trying to defend her colleague who allegedly kill someone. And as I'd always say, it never fails to make me feel better whether in the early morning when I do 1,000 sit ups {I only get to 200 though, boo} or at night when I run, practice yoga or go to Plana Forma. The rush is exhilarating and it always, always clears my head. I cannot imagine life without exercise anymore.

Credit:   {also known as one of my favorite fitness blogs. She's inspiring!}

2. Meditate or spend some time being quiet --- alone. Five years ago, I would've thought that anything to do with the inner self and inward gazing belonged to the woo woo category and I would've shunned it in an instant. However, growing up and dealing with haranguing circumstances led me to seek peace and quiet in the comforts of shalas tucked away in the outskirts of the Metro. And you know what? I've learned how to accept things gracefully -- when I choose to walk away and not fight for something. I've learned that acceptance is such a big component of happiness. 

3. You are what you eat. Being in the 20s can afford one to be truly adventurous with gastronomy --- after all, our metabolism are still on high gear. When I was in my early 20s, I could drink enough for a distillery and wake up looking like I had eight hours of sleep despite wanting to gag every five seconds. Now that I'm 26, I have consciously lessened my alcohol intake, watched what I ate {I've stopped eating pork and cut my sugar intake by 50%} and I've been feeling better than ever with my body. A happy body translates to a happy disposition so don't forget your veggies and cut down on oily food.

4. ACV, Lemons and yogurt. I've blogged about my new morning habit and that is taking a cup-ful of Apple Cider Vinegar every morning and already, I've been reaping benefits! My digestion has been faster, acne is clearing up {but not enough to merit full face posts yet, sob} and my tummy feels cleaner {how that happens, I don't know LOL}. If you're too turned off with that, make like a Japanese and drink warm water with lemon slices in the morning. Apparently, this is something that helps Japanese women stay thin! And if that is still hard for you, a yogurt a day helps digestion in a lot of ways! That or have tea instead of coffee or sweet juice to aid in digestion especially if you're into snacking and eating buffets =P

5. Read up.  A healthy mind is a beautiful mind and I truly believe that what you put into your mind is something that you emulate. I know it's not advisable to be tuned out from news and current affairs but to avoid stress, I've blocked off most news relating to sordid city happenings and I choose not to read up on them. Instead, I subscribe to MindBodyGreen and read a lot of inspiring text like the life of Audrey Hepburn. If those are not your types, you can also read up on the Bible and to me, that will always be the best piece of literature out there.

6. Don't forget your supplements. I have a secret: I take beauty pills {or so I call them}. They're these purple pills that were sent to me before which I thought weren't doing as much effect until I stopped and noticed my skin was better when I took them:

Of course, not to forget are the usual salad of your vitamins {I take a multivitamin, Ascorbic acid and iron} and calcium. 

7. Play or talk to kids. I find that I have a genuine smile in my face when talking to my nieces and nephews and answering their absurd questions of why I have to go to big school if it's raining. 

8. Spend time with your best girlfriends. As I type this, I am on my way to seeing my best girl friends to spend the weekend with them, watching chick flick, having bubbly and laughing over silly things. This makes me really, really bust out a smile.

9. Do something kind. Am not one to preach because I can be quite the mean girl sometimes. But when things go downhill and I feel pitiful and sad and ugly, I channel my energies to just choosing the kinder option, doing a random act of kindness and the negative thoughts go away. And then I feel beautiful because I don't feel ugly anymore.

10. Smile. Whenever I'd feel less than stellar / happy / beautiful, I'd call my mom and I'd rant on her about everything that's wrong in my life. You know what she'd tell me? "Smile until you believe it," and you know what? It works!

What about you? How do you cultivate inner beauty?
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