shu uemura Chocolat Donna is too yummy for words

In which I share with you the makeup collection I am iffy with using not because I don't like it --- but because it's too pretty to use!

Milestones are celebrated with chocolates. My friend T used to tell me I should put the to do task of eating a piece of chocolate a day so that there's always a task we're sure to love. I think I started to eat at least a small piece of chocolate every day since then.

Chocolate as a milestone of your life, a piece of chocolate evokes your most precious moments – bittersweet memories of first love or joyful celebrations.

It was imperative that we celebrate the launch of this chocolatey collection at the very chocolatey Chocolate Fire.

 A celebration of friendship is best served with chocolate.

Nina Solano of shu uemura introduces the 135th mode makeup of the brand.

 Chocolate is the answer, who cares what the question is?

Couldn't make up my mind which one is the prettiest.

 Chocolate fondue!

 Look who's a shu fanatic!
Dress: Wear Charlie

And here's a photo with the girls! {Thanks, Nikki!And now, for the collection, in detail:

 Orange and Pistachio Palette {Php 4,000} A hint of spicy orange glitter, nutty pistachio, hazelnut and crystalized ginger peel with gold accents in pearl. Blend with rich shades of matte milk chocolate with golden accents or define the eye line with cocoa.

Mint and Vanilla Palette {Php 4,000} A fresh spice and savory herb selection that includes glittery golden vanilla and mint, and powdery mate vanilla shades; complimented with pearl mocha with gold accents and rich cocoa for defining the eye line.

Raspberry and Mocha Palette {Php 4,000} This fruit infused set includes glittery mocha, raspberry, creme mocha and gold accented mocha in pearl; blend of layer with matte milk chocolate with subtle gold accent or rich cocoa to define your eyes.

    An irresistible indulgence-lashes to complete your chocolat-donna universe.

False eyelashes {Php 1,500}

These limited edition false eyelashes are miniature creations inspired by decorative gourmet chocolates. Brown feather with gold and silver accents add the perfect flavor to any shades of eye makeup.

(L)  Apricot - Dip into this sun kissed shade to spice up your chocolate covered world

  (R)  Framboisier - A touch of this luscious berry shade will delight the senses.

{Php 1,095 each}

Now that I am sufficiently craving for chocolates, I leave you with a photo of my raspberry mocha palette which I would be making looks with soon {hoping I finally get over the resistance because it's just too cute!}

Hope you're having a fabulous day, my dearest reader!