Things I Love: Bravery

You can tell that I spent the weekend seeing Pixar's latest flick, Brave. In many, many instances, it could have very well been the theme of the weeks past. Quite the adult world I am in, is all I can say. This week challenged my neuroses as I got hardpressed for decisions --- and I would like to think I displayed an act of bravery.

Merida's curly locks and fascination for archery are just all too familiar and relatable <3>

And really, that's the thing I am most grateful for. Most times, it's so easy to settle in our comfort zones, to do what's easy because no one sees it anyway.

Sometimes, life calls for tough cookies. I was cruising along a jam-less EDSA one day and I thought to myself that it's always the things that scare you to do that pay off well. I sure have a lot of incoming payoff, Universe.

I am counting on that.

Long talks over books. And TV shows. Making it through the crazy Manila rain. New dresses. Cooperative hair. The latest Suits episodes --- oh gosh, this is keeping me more hooked than I ever was, even more than the whole Mike and Rachel thing.

 Long talks with my mom, sometimes, ones where I don't even talk. Crossing off every single item on my to do list. A friend who's finally realizing her dream of going to Europe, and one who worked hard for her LA trip and another one who is cruising the lakes of Alaska. I have such jetsetter friends! <3 Ogling denim and European guys {well, not for me, ahem, Martha!}:

At the G-Star, Bonifacio High Street Central Launch

Toastbox's Chin Chow and a team that makes me appreciate where I am and makes me laugh super loudly <3 

Goofing in between meetings because, when great minds think alike, you wear the same color on a totally random day:

Discovering new restos in the neighborhood and picking the minds of smartest people I know. Knowing that there is a rainbow at the end of all these. Scented candles. Helping my friends shop for new clothes is just as therapeutic as going shopping myself.

That said, exercising my self-restraint is something that makes my heart beat thankfully.

 Smells like White Christmas.

Wildflour, Net Lima

Long, standing never-give-up-on-you friendships. The joy of belting out an Adele song --- it is a very liberating experience. Knowing where something ends. Nora Ephron-isms. 

My loot from shu uemura:

The ultim8.

shu uemura's Chocolat Donna Raspberry and Mocha palette --- Which I cannot use because it's seriously too pretty to use!

The continuation of Sweet Valley Confidential: The Sweet Life! Thanks for the heads up, Nikki!

And my top slot for Things I Love goes to: Harvey Specter

There is so much I'm learning from this man that I am reminded why he's my favorite Suits character EVER. Episode 7 was just Harvey-epic. If you had the chance to change you fate, would you? I just did.