You are where you are supposed to be

The recent four-day weekend was hard to forget --- after all, we, adults don't get to have as much downtime as we want to when we start working. Unlike when we were in school, we had two months every day to sit and do nothing if we wished. As I sit today before my official working hours start {I am about two hours early, in avoidance of Coding Thursdays, my mind wander and think of all those days we spend thinking about NOTHING.

While most of the people within my circles took the chance to get out of town, I spent my weekend being with high school barkada, doing teenagey things and talking about the present, the past, and most importantly -- the future.

 "Dati, all we talk about are crushes and feast days," is what I always say. Upon this weekend's catch up, I noticed that our conversations revolved around grocery shopping techniques, how to manage toddlers {it was, after all, the birthday of my inaanak}, marriage plans, MBAs, career goals or lack thereof, how to spice up long-term relationships / marriages, how to manage in laws, a household, life insurance {of course!!} and so many other adult stuff. It was a bit overwhelming for me, considering I was pretty slow on the family front, being the only one in my family in this country. But I guess, no battle is easier than the others.

Despite all that, it was comforting to know that we are where we are supposed to be. When I look back at my life and all the decisions in my life, I can't help but be thankful that I am after all, where I am supposed to be. I'm glad that I took the road leading to this career, that I walked away from the people and the things I had thought then were not beneficial to me anymore, that no one came too late nor too early in my life and everyone was there right when I was supposed to meet them. And for good reason, too.

Happy to know I am where I am supposed to be --- and my best friends, are too.
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