A Thai Fiesta at Thai Bistro

I equate Sundays {and Monday holiday nights} with a relaxed dinner, most preferably Thai. To me, a weekend, especially a very relaxed one is to be capped with an amazing meal with people I love and that weekend, the girls {ShenJheng and Sophie and I} chose the newest Thai comfort food joint in the new and fresh Robinson's MagnoliaThai Bistro

I was more than ecstatic that Rob Magnolia was a mere five minute drive from my home and for once, it was nice to encounter a free parking slot. It wasn't too hard to find along Aurora Boulevard, too. Sweet!

The classy, minimalist interiors reminded me of my trip to Bangkok --- and made me want to go back.

The menu was reminiscent of Bottega Venetta leather. Mmmm.

We started with Tom Yum soup, Php 145.

... and we devoured {with eyes closed} this Soft Shell Pomelo Salad, Php 395.00

 Thai Bistro had fish cakes, too, which were a lovely addition to our starters. Php 285

 As if we weren't appetized enough, we ordered the Chiang Mai Khao Soi, which were yummy egg noodles. Php 295.00

 A Team E favorite, Crispy Catfish with Mango Salad made its way to our table again. Php 295

 Yet another noodle dish is the Glass Noodles, Thai vermicelli with pork and vegetables. Php 295

 The Sala Daeng made us question our brains as we tried to figure out how to eat them :D Sala Daeng | Lemongrass florets with chicken served with sweet chili sauce, Php 268

 I had Kha, fried fish in caramelized ginger sauce and Jheng and I sang Alleluiah once again. Php 260

For rice, we decided to experiment with Patpong Rice {so called cos it is spicy hehe}, which had roasted chili jam, crispy fish, string beans and basil, Php 285.

 What's a Thai meal without Thai iced tea? 

The Lumpinee photo is nowhere to be found :s

We had Thai Gems for dessert, water chestnut in coconut milk, Php 170 ..

Always. Sticky Mango Rice. Php 210

Have I told you there was just four of us {Jheng was not yet in as of photo time}?

But friends + Sunday nights + deep talks about life + rising from challenges to become better and a ton of Thai food = awesomesauce :)

Overall Comment: Having been to Thailand {though just once yet}, Thai Bistro brings me back through its gastronomical fare, to Bangkok and its clean-tasting cuisine, exotic herbs and distinct flavor. Not exactly the most affordable place but always, always remember, you get what you pay for =)

*Thai Bistro is located at the ground floor of Robinson's Magnolia.