Katie Holmes + Bobbi Brown

Oh, the perfection!

You know how some brands seem to just fit some celebrities to a tee? That is how I felt when I heard {chanced upon is more like it} the news that Bobbi Brown's newest ambassador/endorser is none other than Katie Holmes, ex wife of Tom Cruise and a permanent fixture in my TV when I was younger, watching Dawson's Creek every Tuesday.

And of course, from Teaching Mrs. Tingle.

She truly has come a long way now from the fresh-faced, can't-make-up-my-mind Joey Potter in the 90s to the sophisticated woman she is now {and with an adorable daughter, too!}

I kind of liked her better when she had her famous Katie/Victoria Beckham bob  --- such a departure from her teenybopper roles since she didn't really cinch a role that topples all our teenage perception of her from the heydays of grunge and emo teenage angst.

At least not yet.

If there's one thing I've learned from friends who are separated / divorced / have annulled marriages, as Katie is famous for at the moment, it is that they have become smarter at life, more profound and stronger. While it's not something to be happy about, I am expecting a lot of great things from Ms. Holmes in the spring of 2013 for when her ads and editorials for Bobbi Brown comes out.