Vanilla Days are Here

Blame it on the overtly changing landscape of words -- that a simple word to mean a sweet plant could also mean boring, traditional and lackadaisical. In my profession {that is Marketing}, if my work is labelled Vanilla, it is to mean an insult, that my work is plain and boring and needs improvement.

I've talked a LOT about getting the B word {a long post you can find here} and I'm not one to convince you again on the merits of going hairless in places the sun don't shine. You know that already, my love.

Thanks to Strip ManilaVanilla{Cupcake} now means a different meaning --- one that's closer to its origin. Vanilla Cupcake just happens to be Strip's newest kind of wax!

I missed the party that was a Bikini Waxing party so I got to it on the weekend, without liquid courage. The Striperella assigned to me mused: "Mukhang hindi nyo na kailangan Ma'am, inaantok pa nga kayo during the procedure eh." Guess I can't hide how much being at it has made me tolerant to the pain over time. Plus, a tip to B-virgins: it always helps to take pain relievers before the procedure. I swear by that!

I'd been a long time Strip customer, I've been so accustomed to their Chocolate wax that when the smell of Vanilla wax wafted across the room where I was prepping, it was very refreshing. I did inquire on the differences and the Striperella said there really was none --- which was still a difference because now, loyal clients, and basically everyone who walks in to get a wax gets a choice whether it's chocolate wax or vanilla cupcake wax.

The bikini wax is something we all go through at one point or multiple points in our lives --- best to hand it to the professionals, with extreme privacy, with care and most especially with choice.

Strip Manila is located at the 2F Serendra, Bonifacio Street, BGC, Taguig and a branch at 5F, Greenbelt 5, Makati City.
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