Lost in Translation | A Tokyo Photo Diary

It's been a while since I sat down and try to write. My apologies, dearest readers, I've been trapped in inertia --- and on the other side, wherein I couldn't seem to move. It had been busy and crazy, what else is new? Every piece of quiet I had found was a welcome respite and I grabbed every chance I could. I was exhausted from all the physical and social media noise --- rants and absolutely self-absorbed talks of other people. I realized that while I am a good listener {ask anyone, I'm not kidding =P}, I do have my limits.

But anyway.

As I said on the title, this is my Tokyo photo diary, a number of my favorite snaps from my trip to the land of absolute cuteness, Japan. I will forever be thankful for the chance to visit this delightful, orderly, kind and polite country and might come back next year, too!


My childhood hero, Ultraman, at the Tokyo Broadcasting System studio

Another childhood hero, the set designer of Takeshi's Castle, 25 years ago

 Now, this is real sushi and Japanese beer.

 The famous Rainbow bridge had me singing  Sometimes.

 Reason for being: To represent Philippines and Sun Life Financial Philippines at the Digicon6!

 With the Philippine team, A Life in a Day DOP Take Onishi and Director Jolly Feliciano

At Akihabara, Tokyo's place to be for inexpensive knick knacks and secondhand books and where  Midori of Norwegian Wood lived!

At the Shibuya station with the famous Hachiko.

 Someone asked me what I wanted to do in Tokyo: I wanted to people watch at the four way crossing of Shibuya was all.

 Tokyo sunshine

 Because I was going to makeup central, I brought the arsenal to be prepared! :D

 It is a very proud moment.

 It is kind of inevitable. | Diver City

 This is Japan for you: instant photos you can email yourself. On the wall.

 Tokyo Teleport Station

 Senso-ji Temple | Asakusa

Reason to love Japan #73: Very easy to follow directions

 Reason to love Japan #76: Cosplayers at Harajuku

Maybe I'll write some more soon :) Have a lovely Monday, dearest readers!
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