Tara's List of Best Holiday Movies

Next to nonstop family and friends' parties, the best thing about holidays are the holiday movies that pile on top of each other as a must-watch every year! My not-so-secret ritual as the colder days approach {took too long this year, I know} is camping out in front of the TV and watching a holiday rom-com after the other. There is that unbelievable, whimsical feeling of finding love and happiness at the best time of the year and nothing like a good run of Love, Actually, to make one feel better and insanely festive :D

And so, in the spirit of all things Christmas, because at Christmas you tell the truth, here is my list of the most unabashedly cheesy romantic comedies set on Christmastime --- what's on yours?

1. While You Were Sleeping | 1994 : Winner musical score, a pre-The Proposal Sandra Bullock yet same character background and a dashing Bill Pullman -- and an army of lovable family, this film had me sobbing even almost twenty years later. As y'all know, Sandra plays a woman who is a token girl at the Chicago Train Station and is secretly in love with Peter Gallagher for so many months or years until he meets an accident and she had to say she was his fiancee at the hospital as he gets into a coma.

2. Serendipity | 2004. It has to be my most favorite rom com of all time. Kate Beckinsale and John Cusack plays a modern day Romeo and Juliet, slaves to the tides of fate and destiny, unmatched elevator floor choices, a sock each, Gabriel Garcia Marquez' Love in the Time of Cholera and a dollar bill. With an array of upbeat jazz as its score, New York becomes even sweeter than Serendipity desserts as Kate and John find themselves on ice, and together on Christmas Day.

3. Love Affair | 1994. Not to be fooled by its seductive poster, this movie starring real-life couple Warren Beatty and Annette Bening is a light-hearted, touching fair --- one of the first few movies which made its protagonists meet up on top of the Empire State Building. Hauntingly beautiful, and with good reason, the movie's piano scene where Katharine Hepburn hums a tune is one of the cinema world's historic milestones. That and a group of kids' rendition of The Beatles "I Will."

4. The Holiday | 2006. Two heartbroken women find solace from their failed relationships in each other's homes -- as they switch cities for the holidays. Cameron Diaz and Kate Winslet play the film's protagonists who discover another world apart from their own and eventually found love. I especially loved Jack Black as the film musical score composer who falls in love with Kate here -- and Jude Law's charming little daughters.

5.When Harry Met Sally | 1989. The cheesiest of all cheeseballs, WMH is one of the cornerstones of chick flicks and it is a mortal sin to still have not seen this in this decade. That cafeteria scene will always be a memorable one but I will always be kilig forever when Billy Crystal utters that when you find that one person you want to spend the rest of your life with, you can't wait for the rest of your life to start.

6. New Year's Eve | 2011. Somehow, everything all-star that came after Love Actually was a bad rehash but this one had its fair share of kilig, fireworks, poignant, heartbreaking details and was an actual nice watch!

7. Love, Actually | 2003. I am not sure where will I be without Love, Actually. I've seen it in 2003 and I've seen it every year since then, without fail. Surely, there is a lot of frightening things that happen in life and heartbreaks happen every now and then but this film is so full of hope it never runs out. The best part of it all is that one of the stories might've happened to us, someone we know or is just about to happen, who knows.

And at Christmas, you tell the truth.

What's on your list? Share with me cos I'm running out of movies to watch! =)
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