Dolce Far Niente | Sonya's Garden

They do it so well, you know, doing nothing.I thought so as my girl friends and I trudged up the walk of the famous Sonya's Garden, with which I only always equated with its equally famous cheese hopia prior that weekend of doing nothing.

It was the week of a business trip and we all just needed that huge chunk of quiet break from our lives. My dear friend T booked us a lovely getaway to the Tagaytay haven that was Sonya's Garden.

"We can stay overnight?!" I asked incredulously as she revealed the plan a day before. I seriously had no idea there were about 14 lovely houses, all resembling an old-fashioned home that were scattered all over the terrains of Sonya's property {yes, first name basis talaga}.

I started feeling the stress melting away as we checked in, in a small cottage where guests ate. I noticed that everything was done in white --- as I later found out was Sonya's signature color, which I found pristine. Her staff were courteous and homely -- I wondered how much would it cost to lease a home.

After check in, we decided to check our room first and of course, I took my sweet time in snapping away.

The full-length mirror reminds me of my lola's mirror.

 Wrought-iron beds {there were 3 in ours} adorned each room and they were surprisingly comfortable.

 Old school charm at its finest --- rooms came with book decors. And they're real, too!

Little Detail #63: Mosquito repellant and balm for allergies at your disposal

 Sonya calls her style 'organized chaos' and somehow it works very well.

Little Detail #89: Flowers to welcome wandering feet.

 Sonya's Signature Salad was all sorts of wonderful.

Tarragon Tea and Sonya's Coffee Table Book were a perfect match for a lazy afternoon.

 It will roll in ecstasy at your feet. I believe in that.

 My newly-manicured nails and fine bone china. Some things are meant to be.

 Little detail #95: Even more petals and blooms, as if the world bloomed just for you.

 I just did. Thank you, Sonya's Garden.

 The best thing about the trip though was spending 24 hours with the a number of the best, dearest women of my life. Even if it was doing nothing! Thank you, girls!

If you're looking to hear some silence, to have a place where you can just sit around and revel in the beauty of nature without the odd prehistoric inconvenience of having to go camping, if you're looking to find yourself, to seek comfort that only places like where you grew up brought up by your grandma, this is your place. If you feel like having a nice and quiet getaway for a massage with the girls, this is your place. I was surprised at how everything was seamless yet so natural, so at peace, that I returned to Manila a serene being once again. On the drive home, all four of us were happily napping away and then we realized we were so relaxed that we fell asleep despite doing nothing!

Thank you, Sonya's Garden and thank you, friends, especially T ! =)
PS: Bring home cheese hopia. It is pretty legendary.


Sonya's Garden is located at Barangay Buck Estate, Alfonso, Cavite, Philippines (near the vicinity of Tagaytay City, Philippines) For reservations: call or text +63-9175329097 or +63-9175335140
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