Begin Again

I equate every packing and unpacking of bags and boxes into a new beginning. Whereas it meant new friends, new frenemies and new crushes back when I was 12, at 27, packing and unpacking means a chance to throw away the bad stuff, to wheedle out the things we haven't used in a long time and start anew.

In the course of my blogging life, I have already had two moves --- the latter being just a couple of weeks ago. The first one was after a long contemplation about a relationship. When I packed my bags, it signaled a change in cities and I --- walking away from someone's life for good.

This time, it's nothing of the sort. Just plain old life delivering its changes. And they're good, I promise. Life has been amazing for me since 2013 came in. Blessing after blessing has been coming and I can't help but beam in happiness and try to give back what I have been so generously been given. It's true what they say in church: you can't outgive God.

Sometime in 2009, I said this: “I'm on the highest point on a roller coaster, about to be released. And all I can do is hold my breath.” I can say that I am just there right now. :)

So that's all I really wanted to say --- that I'm thankful for being given a chance to start anew everyday. For having a brand new lease in life every so often, to feel forgiven, to have a clean slate to draw on. Thank you.

And no, the song doesn't have anything to do with me --- the title is just the same, is all :D

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