Things I Love Sundays: Love

The changes that come to one's life aren't always met with a joyful smile. Sometimes, and inevitably, a panic attack comes in the middle of the night and will make you question every single decision you've made throughout the day, the week, the month.

It happens. It happened to me and I am only thankful for the people in my life who loved me.

We can only love because we are loved.

Pastor Joey is right, after all.

If you truly looked at each and every moment in your life, you will see how much of that is evidence that God loved and does love you. Every person who looks beyond your flaws, who stayed with you even if you run away, every person who forgives you --- that's God in the works. It is humbling and it is comforting. That is love.

But anyway --- some of the  other stuff that made my week below! :)

Weekend with the BDJ Girls at the Shiseido Beauty Soiree! {photo from Jess de Mesa}

"Using a LOT of skincare will eventually make you tired to put makeup on." HAHA! {Photo from Kat Dy}

... and then I was guinea pig for day to night makeup. Not bad, yes? {Photo by Kat Dy}

Anatomy of an infographic

Impromptu reunions

Renewing my passport at DFA Megamall. What a lovely government office!

My new neighbor's wife baked us cupcakes with Maraschino cherries. YUM!

Pink Blush :D

What are you loving today?
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