Inspiring is an Understatement

Day in and day out, I hear all sorts of money stories --- how one person worked hard to become the billionaire, trillionaire that he is today. I have heard a lot of investment strategies, the machismo needed for it, the risk that comes with starting a business and networking to death.

It's rare that I hear someone, watch someone on national TV display humility. Sheer, utter, undeniable humility.

Edward Lee is Chairman and Founder of Citisec Online, an online trading facility which is the only publicly-listed stocks company in the Philippines. I knew Citisec all my life because my mom worked at Citisecurities Inc. {COL's parent company} under Edward Lee for many years before migrating. It was a big part of my life but now that Filipinos are slowly getting into the stock market and realizing its benefits, I can't help but be even more inspired with man who has had humble beginnings and is still very humble.