Nivea Lemongrass & Oil Soap Review

Over Christmas, one of the nicest presents I got was a care package from Castro PR and the Nivea / Beiersdorf Team. It contained the Nivea essentials --- lotion, moisturizers, Nivea creme and my a seemingly new member in the bunch, the Nivea Lemongrass & Oil Creme Soap.

Soaps were never what I used from Nivea --- though I did love their deodorants and cremes and baby stuff. I guess I was stickler for loyalty that way. Until I was sent this, I never would've tried.

Some observations:

  • SMELLS amazing. The thing that pushed me to use this bar of soap earlier than I had planned {I don't like opening stuff when I still have stuff in the bath}, is because of its fragrance. I brought it home from the office and while in the car, its scent wafted everywhere. It smelled good and I am a big fan of lemongrass so goodbye reasons, I opened the box.
  • Unfortunately, the scent is where it ends. The soap sadly fails to deliver on moisturizing properties as well as retaining its fragrance after being unboxed. It may be that this is not one of Nivea's stellar products --- I still love their milk deodorant anyway. It's a product I keep coming back to all these years.

Would I buy this product?

  • Unfortunately, no. I truly believe that soaps should be three things: fragrant, fresh and moisturizing. But I am grateful to have tried :)

Have you tried Nivea soaps? What's your verdict?
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