Showroom Stopper: Asilo by Avida

I love show rooms. There I said it.

Here's the thing, I've been home-shopping for the past months. I wish I didn't have to say in public spaces because the last time I did, hoards upon hoards of realtors and brokers called me every freakin' hour. While I appreciate realtors and brokers and I like going over details and payment plans, I tend to get crankier by the minute when I get unnecessary calls, about 10 of them, in a day.

Going to show rooms, are of course, a different matter altogether. Especially if they're out of town.

Some weekends ago, I had the chance to drop by a budding development's showrooms down south. By down south, I mean beside Alabang Town Center, near the cinemas, where Avida had a couple of their model units on display. It was a not-too-warm Saturday morning and you know me, I have a thing for well-designed interiors. As I investigated, the model units were for an upcoming development in Tagaytay called Asilo, which was derived from the Tagalog word silong or to shelter. Due to be turned over in 2015, the units ranged from 2M to 8M, all of which are pretty affordable, especially with the crazy prizes of homes these days. Believe me, I know.

Anyway, I thought of sharing you some photos from the little trip. It can be so aliw creating vignettes out of the units' interiors. In my head, I could make up silly little stories about people who lived there just by seeing their homes.

Of course, a fan of bedrooms, this was my first stop.

 Obviously, the wife of the house gets to decide on the color scheme :P

The kiddo's room is blue and red schemed

My next stop was the bachelor pad:

 One panel of the studio unit was a very wide mirror. Pwede pang girl! Then again, a girl needs closet space.

A family photo and a basketball = seems like a grounded guy.

...and he reads, too!

Someone stocked up on Quaker Oats =P Though I have a nagging feeling these are the girlfriend's.

 A guy will always be a guy.

And last but not the least is my favorite, the 1 bedroom:

 Obviously, her favorite place is Watson's.

 Love the all white interiors. Always.

 Labada Espesyal.

 I felt a little jig of glee as I saw the kitchen.

Lately, I've been dabbling at cooking and while I cannot and would not cook for anyone else just yet {just because I'm embarrassed}, I can bake stuff already! I felt at home at the model unit kitchen!

 ... plus an equally beautiful setting for lovely guests.

Looks like someone slept blissfully.

 Green + Pink works!

I kinda really liked going around the Asilo model units. Of course I took into consideration some of the stuff found in the neighborhood, too. As it was right smack in the middle of the Tagaytay roundabout, it looks like it's going to be a perfect sanctuary for those weekend trips to Tagaytay. It's a few minutes' drive to all our favorite places such as Buon Giorno, Sonia's Garden and Bag of Beans, among others!

Unit floor areas range from 22 to 80 sqm, and prices range from 2M to 8M. For more information about Asilo Tagaytay and any Avida condo in the Philippines, please visit or call (+632) 848 5200 (within Metro Manila) and 1-800-10 848-5200 (outside Metro Manila).

*This post is brought to you by Avida Land.

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