Things I Love Sundays: The Ultimate

I don’t know how it happened but I am glad it did. The past week was an absolute source of joy despite it being a normal, busy one. I guess it may be because it was off from such a happy start.

Or because it was one of those days where one lets go of all things --- and just finds joy in the Lord. I heard it once from someone I used to work with and back then, I thought, “How does one do that?”

I understand now. Just like what Matthieu Ricard said, do not anchor your happiness on a feeling --- because feelings always have opposites and you will find yourself on the polar end if you lose that feeling.

That was what Pastor Paolo preached today: “When the good becomes the ultimate, that’s when it starts being bad.” Because when we are happy only because of a certain thing like a job promotion, every payday, every time we go shopping, our hearts are hooked on a certain feeling and we will start craving for that every time we don’t get it. And I get it now. I get it why there’s nothing else, no other ultimate than God Himself. When one’s joy is only in the Lord, happiness is unshakeable and stable.

Aha. That is why.

And that is all I have to say for today --- that real, unadulterated joy is realest when it is found in God. I know it’s not the easiest thing to do and it can take quite a few stumbles but the rewards are just priceless.

But oh, some lovely things over the weekend:

  • Spent the remaining of Saturday with one of my best friends, Y. We did girl things like talk and talk and talk (of course!), shop, eat sweets and catch The Great Gatsby, which took my heart away. Oh Leonardo Dicaprio, what a splendid actor you are!
  • Flowers on my desk as I type this. I can never underestimate how glorious it is to have blooms on one’s table!
  • A blank, white canvass of a white board. Here’s to real-life pins and inspiration.
  • Life’s surprises --- because you never really know when you’re about to get one. Or three.

Have an amazing week ahead, my dearest readers!
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