Majolica Majorca Lash Edgemeister + Be on my team!

As an ‘enthusiast’ of all things pretty, I knew it was very important to be careful with the mascaras we use. I have a ton at home --- so either I gave tubes away, because after all, I never get to use them all at once anyway. The ones I am keen on trying go into the backburner until I am done with the current tube. The tubes of Majolica Majorca fell under that category. When it came to my hands, I was occupied with another fabulous Japanese brand {shu uemura natural mascara, if you must know}. When I finished my tube of that, these two were the natural successors.

You see, this was the first Majolica Majorca mascara that I was trying. I’ve heard of it since five years ago --- back in the day when I would read Fuzkittie’s blog {which is now defunct} and being an Asian herself, I was amazed at how she would transform her sparse eyelashes to thicker ones. At that time, Majolica was not at all available in the Philippines, not even from online sellers.

As it happens, it wasn’t urban legend after all: this brand really does deliver:

The Good:

  • Look at that length. If like me, you have sparse, short eyelashes, this is a must try! It looks natural and not at all scary-looking.
  • The comb is similar to that of my longtime HG mascara, Maybelline Cat Eye Mascara. What it does is that it makes sure it separates all the hair of your lashes so they’re almost individually coated with the liquid. 
  • Expect fibers in your tube of Edgemeister --- helpful for that lengthening effect.
  • Didn’t smudge on me at all. But then again, as in any makeup application, the key is careful application.
  • Doesn’t feel heavy on the eyes. You may want to curl your lashes prior to usage though.
  • Didn’t flake out in the middle of the day as some waterproof mascaras do --- and not as tough to remove. It came out easily when I used shu uemura Ultime8 cleansing oil in the evening.
  • Hooray for duo comb! Didn’t notice this at first but both sides are combs which can be used for the tips {the bigger side} and the lower lashes {baby comb side}.
  • Not too shabby at the price of Php 795 and available at leading Beauty by SM stores, too!

The Not too Good:

  • If you’re not careful, it may end up clumping and you may end up with smudges if you don’t dry it first before opening/closing your eyes.
  • If one is looking for volume {or kapal in local parlance}, this may not be your best option. This is truly a lengthening mascara and not a volumizing one. 

Got thoughts on Majolica Majorca mascaras? Share with me through the comments section!

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