{Feeling} Bridal Days

"A woman is most beautiful on her wedding day," my mother said, in one of those Hallmark moments, where she may have been braiding my hair.

So ever since that day, I had been looking forward to that day when I'd get married to a faceless guy {as I don't really know nor have I imagined who I'm going to marry yet}. I actually have a dedicated Pinterest board for when I finally say "I do," --- and as I've said in this blog, it's my therapy to look at wedding blogs so it only makes sense to envision my own future wedding.

The perfect bridesmaids' dresses for my bridesmaids :D :D :D

To be honest, I used to have every single detail planned out: from the dress {strapless, with poufy skirt}, the motif {blush, turquoise and mint}, the songs, location {Provence} and everything else.

And then, I just kind of got tired of it and decided on a new goal: to become a wife. To the best wife I can ever be. And not just a pretty one on the day of her wedding.

I know that we women are prone to falling into the trap of wanting to be the most beautiful and radiant bride to ever walk the aisle. It is a fantasy come true to be the bida

of one day, where all eyes are on you and no one else. I remember having this conversation with my dad, "How come the wedding is never about the bride and the groom and always the bride," he asked. "It just is," I said. He just shook his head in disbelief. :D

At 27, I have stacked my bridal dreams on the side {never forgetting, just laying them on the side ha ha} and focused on what matters more: building a life together. Surely, I haven't met that person yet and I don't know when but I do want to be someone's wife, and to have someone for better or for worst, not just someone who looks amazing in a suit -- though that doesn't hurt.

I look forward to waking up in the mornings to cook breakfast, lunch and dinner. To planning the rest of our lives, sharing my blessings {and/or trials}, to honing the capacity of my heart to understand and take care of someone even if I come to a point that I don't want to anymore.

Besides, I have every day to be bride-pretty. Bobbi Brown sent over a luxe palette intended for the Bobbi Brown bride: subtle, classy, delicate. Or at least how I interpreted it.

The chic packaging makes it perfect for any theme.

Espresso is a current favorite --- might show you my everyday makeup soon!

Bobbi Brown Luxe Palette Bridal Collection is available at all Rustan's Department Stores for Php 3,200 (price). 
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