Is it worth it?

I had been reading last night about the the secrets of centenarians and how they came to live to be a hundred. There were a lot of tips about always moving, always learning, and one that struck me the most:

Be lovable.

Page from Real Simple's August issue

Of course, no one we all know has a lockdown on how to be lovable but I would suppose that has a lot to do with being calm, being kind, understanding and everything that's good and right in the world.

So I started doing that. For two waking hours, and eight sleeping ones, I thought I was lovable. I smiled with my heart, including my liver and my kidneys.

And when the next day began, I continued my "lovable" streak. Until work stuff came creeping in and I was transformed into a fire-breathing dragon. It would be a disservice not to say it but sometimes, no matter how much you love your job, the palpitations you get, the emotional rollercoaster, the stress, the can't-sleep hours can really drive you crazy. And worse, you become the worst version of yourself.

Disclaimer: I know that far too many people go through worse stresses than I do but they are not me and I am not them and that's that.

And so I thought:

Is it really worth it? I have yet to find out.
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