Love Local Part 2: Plains & Prints

Lately, I've been on a local streak, using only local stuff and telling the world about it. It all started with the stock market, and then I was re-introduced to Human Heart Nature and then lately, I've been seeing Plains & Prints everywhere with Anne Curtis in it.

Normally, I never really bother, because I am not a fan of many local celebs. I feel like most of them are just trying to be like each other. But Anne Curtis is a favorite, because she is so human, she sings awfully and proud of it, but she is really beautiful and she has some great stuff on her Instagram account.

Plus, the clothes are really beautiful.

This is my favorite amongst the collection.

Perfect for work, yes?

Love this ensemble :)

The new stuff from Plains and Prints are just so nice! I have lots of stuff from Plains and Prints and I'm so proud that I'm wearing local stuff. They're not so badly-priced, too! I'm leaving today {as this is published} so no more chance for me to buy. Hopefully, there's some more left when I get back to Manila!

Happy Monday, folks!

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