Review: ZA Perfect Fit Two Way Foundation in OC30

1990s babies, you read that right. ZA Cosmetics, aka the makeup brand we only saw in between MTV Classic and MTV Cribs before, is back. 

And because I was so young then, as you were, too, I had no idea as to how ZA performed as a product. I even thought that ZA was a Singaporean/HK product when all along it was from Japan. Karen Mok was always in their TVC, I remember. If it's from Japan, it must be perfect then!

What ZA promises:

  • Smooth, microfine powders spread evenly over the skin. Minimize the appearance of pores, uneven skin and dullness.
  • Contains collagen, Vitamin E and moisturizing ingredient hyaluronic acid.
  • Gives a lasting bright finish. Anti-shine powder absorbs excess sebum to prevent shine and stickiness. 

The Good:

  • Updated pink compact packaging. If I'm not mistaken, ZA's colors used to be bright yellow and aqua blue. 
  • The coverage is PERFECT. I use the sponge dry and I get thick coverage, which most days, is what I need. When I need lighter coverage, I use my Charm brush to apply. Complexion after application is even and smooth as promised.
  • Refillable. One can always just buy the refills and keep the compact.
  • Affordable. A compact's price is Php 325 and a refill price is Php 395. 
  • Locally available {finally!} at SM Aura Beauty Department, Landmark Makati, Landmark Trinoma, and SM Aura Watson's. 

The Not too good:

  • Sadly, ZA's two way foundation broke me out in rounds of huge cystic acne after two weeks of usage. I stopped for one week to regain my skin's calm and tried it again but sadly, too much coverage breaks me out I guess. 


  • ZA's Perfect Fit Two Way Foundation is an awesome addition to any girl's makeup bag --- for that flawlessly smooth complexion. As with any new product, do test it on your chin first and if you can, try it out first in samples before buying the full product.

Happy Tuesday!