What I Know For Sure: Forever Young

It happened while I was comfortably seated at an eye level seat of a cinema in Makati, watching a much anticipated kiddie movie with yellow blubbering creatures and a teeny tiny girl with affinity for all things fluffy.

I laughed. I laughed so hard I think people inside the cinema were wondering what the hell was so funny. And as always, I don’t remember what it was. But surely, a one and a half movie could surely bring back the kid we all once was.

That and hanging out with a fourteen year old.

With my new BFF, Sunshine :D

  1. I’ve always loved playing with kids. But being surrounded by them is just as fun. As I was lining up to get Despicable Me tickets at Powerplant, I was surrounded by kids running around, bugging their daddies to watch the minions. Some were choosing Sully and Monsters’ University so it was a squealing festival. In the middle of it all, I smiled quietly and took it in. It felt like Christmas.
  2. I spent that Saturday with Sophie and her sisters and the youngest, and I were talking about One Direction, Daniel Padilla, and Lee Min Ho. After a week, months and years of being responsible, it was refreshing to feel youthful.
  3. It isn’t too late to learn something. Last week, I attended a makeup workshop conducted by Bobby Carlos. Yesterday, it was Marvin Germo’s Stock Smarts. Last, last week, I attended my first Barre3 class. Bob Dylan sang “He who isn’t busy being born is busy dying.” I say he who isn’t busy learning is busy dying. Keep learning.
  4. I am loving these new apps: BPI Express Mobile {for my bills!} Meralco’s MOVE {to compute my appliances’ electricity consumption}, Victory Fort's App and Minion Rush {as recommended by my new friend Sunshine}. :D 
  5. Sometimes, all you have to do is ask. Last week, I’ve told you of things I don’t seem to get. Today, the world is brighter. I learned that sometimes, we just need to get over our pride and fears and just ask. Just ask. And you’ll receive.
  6. Holding back is just as important as being able to say things. And makes you just as powerful.
  7. No matter how hard it is, be the bigger person. Do not care who gets the credit as long as the work gets done. Remember. That. Always.
  8. Try something. Do not be afraid of failure {or rejection}. Hope for the best. Pray.
  9. Say sorry. You can list down the things you learn, things you wish you’d never do again and you will DO them again, without meaning to. But humans are sinners by nature and that will happen again. The next best thing is say sorry, no matter how agonizing that is.
  10. That nutrition is important. Start being mindful of what you put into your mouth as you are not young forever {as opposed to the title of this post}. Oh and get some sleep, too.
  11. The law of supply and demand is a law of life. You learn this and you’re set.

What do you know for sure this week?
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