My mama warned me against this: "It's not your job to judge her, you are not DOJ," was what she told me when I would fume over my breakfast over Janet Lim - Napoles. If you're a Filipino taxpayer and still do not know who she is, or care what she has done, well, it is time to start caring.

Of course, my mother is right and I'm thankful that I have someone to remind me that it's never my place to judge. But everyday, even now that there's a typhoon ravaging the metro, we get news about all this woman's, and the solons allegedly benefitting from the pork barrel and well, I can't wrap my head around the idea that someone could want so much. That someone had to have 30 cars, despite having only four immediate family members and businesses which haven't been explained.

Maybe because I have no dependents, is maybe why I'm saying this. Or because as the Embassy of the USA always tell me: you have no reason to come home to in the Philippines {which is wrong, with all due respect}, or maybe because I am just a common Filipino who goes through everyday life, working, having fun every now and then with friends and watches a movie if something is worth watching. I'm guilty of having a few branded stuff and sometimes, it matters to me that where I'm going is of good quality {of course, if I can afford it}. I've let go of my car and I've given away many of my clothes, shoes and bags. My furniture are -- not even worth mentioning, really. I'm happy to get to travel someplace a few times in a year. Many times, the things I want are not material things and can't be bought by money. There are times when I would be truly guilty of blogging / Instagramming material things --- shopping, after all, is a widely-known advocacy of women. But I've come to a point where money ceased to become an issue because I know how much I need, what I need --- and it's really not so much. I have enough.

But returning to the country was really an eye opener and seeing hardworking Filipinos smile through labor-intensive jobs was enough to feel stabs in the chest. It's heartbreaking to watch that elevator girl video, who was a happy employee through and through, millions of people wading through floods --- because one woman and a number of lawmakers let greed get the best of them. I am sad for the Filipino who has to downplay his dreams to adjust to the way of life his government has dictated upon him. My heart breaks for the Filipino who has to resort to going to noon time game shows in an effort to alleviate his family from poverty. It disgusts me that this elected senators, whom most votes come from the masses, are bent on keeping the masses in the dark. What is with money that people in power are so attracted to it? To clarify, there's nothing wrong in being rich and wanting good stuff. If you can explain where you got it, as well as have paid your dues, it's nobody's business. But if you're spending the country's money, well --

Between ill-gotten wealth and clean {both meaning minimal and legit}, I'd choose the latter. I am after the uninterrupted, peaceful sleep in the end.

At the end of the day, isn't that we all want? 
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