On studying to become an RFP

There are a few Registered Financial Planners I know, and all of them are male friends I’ve gotten to know through the course of my career in finance. Some of them I work with within the same umbrella of the company, and some, I’ve began to become close friends with.

It had been fascinating. The knowledge about how to {in a nutshell} make money do hardworking things has become a source of fascination for me. Compounded interests had made my heart start pounding and the law of diminishing returns has created a thrill that I’ve never known from any other subject.

I suppose financial literacy will always be my advocacy in life. I knew it started in 2008 --- when I cluelessly asked my mom if we were going to be poor since world markets crashed down due to the subprime loans {and to think we weren’t even billionaires}.

If I can’t save the rest of Filipinos, who like me, were at a loss why all these were happening, I had to at least save myself, and the world, from myself, from completely being clueless.

It has been a long time since, and I think that was a very deeply seated passion that fueled many other projects. I hated being the one who somebody had to explain to that bubble. At the time, I was dating someone who could see it happening --- and I didn’t. I wanted to know.

It wasn’t like it had happened almost immediately. In fact, a desire to understand money matters came from a gap in our younger years, not having studied principles of money. There was a gnawing fear of not knowing what to do with money when I had a lot, and not knowing where to get it when I had dwindling sources. If you ask me, not knowing how and when money can be properly managed could lead to greed, to just wishing we could all get filthy rich even if we haven’t made up our minds yet on what to do with money. This is why I continue to work on this digital digest.

This is why I’m taking this course, to become a Registered Financial Planner. I don’t know if I want to plan other people’s money planner, but I do want to learn things I can eventually share. The thing with being in the financial services industry, one cannot just give away advice. You have to have some sort of license {either as an advisor or a financial planner} before you can tell a person to put his surplus savings to a small-cap equity fund or into derivatives.

You could say I got into this because I wanted to tell someone what to do. Primarily, though, I just want to understand. And I just want to stop myself from making stupid questions.

But it looks like this is turning out to be really fun. I guess I’ll see where this leads me.

PS: This came as a link email from my Dad and in the beginning, I was quick to dismiss it but wow, it is very informative!

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