Solace in the City: A Toccare Wellness Review

I am having a country hangover.

It's not that I would wish to whisk myself away into the country forever --- I just wish we had a little less congestion in the city. The friction between me and the city has been all too frequent these days, a girl cannot help but seek ways to find solace sometimes.

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Spas are such heaven sent inventions. It is an accessible way to forget everything else and be alone, relish the quiet, hear the whoosh of our own thoughts. To have a singular train of thought. To process all that has been happening. To pause to thank Him for all His graces. Even for this chance, I am thankful.

On a Friday nonetheless, I had the privilege of beginning the weekend with a trip to a familiar ground, where it is possible to escape the city, even for just a few hours.

That day, I was feted into the whole nine yards of pampering, so called the Wellness Package. Before everything else, a receptionist proceeds to ask you of your preferred treatment, choice of music, lighting and food. Yes, food, is included in the wellness package being offered at Toccare Spa.

The first part of the spa journey, as it is also called, is a Moor Mud application {which upon regular use, makes one lose fat} at the steam room. At the Toccare Spa steam room, I bumped into Alex and Kira, who were also getting the same spa treatment as I was. The locker rooms were pretty spacious and provided clean robes, towels and slippers, too.

Sometime in the middle of my 30-minute hangout at the steam room, a Toccare Spa staff came in to bring us Bayani Brew iced tea, which was refreshing. The soaps used through out the treatment were also shaved soap exclusive to Toccare.

I was then ushered into a private room {Jade, or was it Emerald?} to have a 90 minute gem stone massage. I've never had a hot stone massage before and the heat coming from the stones during the massage were a welcome surge of both {teeny tiny} pain and pleasure. If anything, it helped relieve all the stress hiding somewhere in my body.

Every room comes with its own sink, toothbrush, toothpaste and towels. Just by thinking about all those now makes me want to ditch the day and just stay inside Toccare Spa.

On the massage:

The massage was thankfully, not the kind that makes you fall asleep that you don't get to enjoy the kneading and pressing. I couldn't pinpoint as to what type of massage it was but it was easily the most unhurried, deliberate, intentional massage I ever had in a long time. Sometime in the middle of the massage, I do think I drifted off but had to wake up when I flipped over, which is not bad.

On the tools, rooms, linens: I've a bit of habit smelling everything inside a room to know if the stuff in it are sterilized. Thankfully, everything in the room I had smelled clean. COV-approved!

On the therapist: Loved it that they ask you to breathe properly before the massage begins. They ask if you're fine with the pressure and no unnecessary talking, too. I usually get asked how much I give for tips and this is my general rule: 10% of the service cost.

On the arsenal, aka the oils and products being used:  I love the fact that Toccare Spa {and its sister spa, Fifth Season Spa at Astoria Plaza} only uses oils, soaps and lotions exclusively produced for the brand. For its scrubs and makeup removers, they use a favorite, Pevonia Botanica.

On Tipping: Remember {and of course, if you're satisfied with the service}, to give at least 10% of the cost of the service to the therapist. Aside from sharing your blessings, you also ensure that you get treated even better next time.

On the food: We were served a four course meal at Azzuro Restaurant, which was adjacent to the spa. We had some salad, soup, I had fish and of course dessert. Hooray for yummy meals after a treatment!

Overall: Toccare Spa is just the kind of spa that is inviting, relaxing and just right for an escape from the city.  While it is relatively new to the radar, it is the exact kind of ambiance that invites one for a relaxing few hours. No noisy kids {sorry}, no gossiping girls in the locker rooms}. I love the fact that they serve local {yummy} tea and that the place is very clean. Someday, I hope to hold a small spa party for my girls and I. That would just be lovely :)

Speaking of which, Toccare Spa is offering a promo of PHP 999 for their wellness package, which includes a steam room treatment, a gem stone massage or hilot and a meal afterwards. Sulit!

Toccare Spa is located at 4th Floor Antel Spa Suites, Antel Lifestyle City, Makati City. You may call 403-0808 loc.2050; 555-1232 or connect with them via Facebook here.

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