Why I Blog

I woke up today feeling intensely grateful for our Muslim brothers and sisters. If you know anyone who just started with a new job, a holiday is often a welcome break from waking up early. While my new job makes me jump out of bed at 5:30 {sometimes, 6:30 AM}, the extra hours of sleep and day to do errands is such a blessing.

And since I am consumed by my new responsibilities, my newfound free time in the evenings and a fresh mindset {what this is, you have to ask me in person}, I hardly sit down to blog. I find that the last twenty, maybe thirty posts in this blog were posts made during weekends or those I do in the middle of the day so I would stay sane. I made this blog, after all, to release everything that I have in my mind into something concrete. For almost six years now, this blog has served as a window to my soul from the past. Most days, they make me smile. Sometimes, my posts would make me cringe. Some make me cry.

When I've had too little to publish, I am nudged by several ladies, who, ever so quietly have been there to echo my thoughts, to send me words of comfort or to let me know they're going through the same thing. Recently, Gie, a dear reader, sent me this message. Thank you so much for warming my heart, Gie!

Right there, in the middle of the day, I was struck of a very wonderful feeling that through all these spewed words, they've actually been serving a purpose. I was reminded of why I blog: to give back to women who've been helping me all these years. Many times, nobody says the words we need to hear --- and there can never be enough affirmations in this world. If that is all I can do, then I am glad to do it. If after thousands of words, one, or more women is bit better for it, then I am a happy woman.

You know what else makes me want to blog? Gratitude. I know my gratitude posts are for Sundays but as early as today, my life is overflowing with things to be thankful for.

Getting to try an out of stock product and having a colleague find the time to share this with me. Thank you, Missy!

Talking to a French woman, hearing French accents in general, a boss who cares whether I get burned out fast, lighthearted days, lunchtime laughs, my reasonable Meralco bill {which I bless}, new appliances.

Wine Night with my bestfriend --- after what seemed like eternity!

Makati Sunsets.

Knowing that life is where it should be, and who's in it is who should be. That you never lose anything, everything just goes back to its rightful place.

PS: Our hearts go to the citizens of Cebu and Bohol and all of those affected by the earthquake. Our prayers are with you.

Love and light,
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