Stockton Row Girl

Tough but delicate, subtle but bold--she is a beguiling creature, most alluring when she tries not at all. She will win you over in a whim with her charisma and her unawareness of the lasting effect she leaves on you. With a strong sense of adventure, she is always jetting off to a destination, fearless and without a care in the world. She is an otherworldly beauty, a presence to behold. A Stockton Row girl.

I was having an incredibly busy day when these otherworldly accessories came through the office reception. If there was anything I'd learned recently, it was to live curiously. And that life is so much more delicious lived when not being too obvious.

I realized, amidst the common and the normal that I do want different things, want to express words and communications apart from what is normally said. There's a crazy curiosity that lives within me. There will be days when I would rather give up, shut up and give in to the pressure but hey, this isn't me.

It can be pretty boring to be normal.

Don't be normal. Head on over to Stockton Row for their fantastic pieces.
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