What I Know For Sure: Mental Exercises

I have been spending the last few days beginning my day with hot yoga. I mean that in a way that lately, I only brush my teeth in the morning, change into yoga clothes, tie my hair into a bun and slink into a hot room of less than 10 people. After this, I head back to my apartment, take a shower and head to work.

Rise and shine. This is definitely one of my most favorite ways to spend a morning.

This brings me to a realization that we can always position our minds to do something. You see, I was part of a group that was sent to a rural area some weeks ago. If you know rural areas in the Philippines, you know how it can be quite, rural, especially in the areas of restrooms. Needless to say, I had to mentally configure myself to pee in the evening {I arrived there at 9 AM}. It was a success.

As a sidenote: It's just so heartbreaking to realize how isolated we Manila citizens are from the real situation in majority of the country. Outside of where we are, Filipino families of 5 have a budget of PHP 300 for the day and the breadwinner earns about PHP 1,000 a week. It's mind-boggling how in Manila, we have the most expensive cars, bottles of wine etc. Of course, those doesn't necessarily correlate but you get what I mean.

This got me thinking that we can always achieve what we put our minds into. I know we know this very well but it can be very easy to just give up in the middle of a complicated yoga sequence, for example. It's easy to just stay in child's pose when the rest of the room is struggling to complete the easiest pose.

Which led me to thinking...

Right now is an apt example of where I am in yoga and in career. I'm not sure if I mentioned that I moved to a new company, a new industry, an entirely new environment. It's been exactly two months since and as I had predicted, it's a rollercoaster ride --- the good kind. I often find myself being at that feeling, numinous, is what it's called. I am scared but I am forging forward, sometimes out of breath. Most days, I feel like I'm taking up a very expensive Marketing course. I often feel privileged to be sitting inside a room full of smart people. It's that good.

Now, all I need to do is put everything I want to achieve into mind and get the self-fulfilling prophecy begin.

Brave | Sara Bareilles

In other news, some other snaps from the week that was. I'm a very thankful girl!

One of my dearest friends, Kat, and I, at her bridal shower.

Thankful for a couple of days spent in Boracay :D

... and with my very best friends, too!

Being part of something I get to use. Hooray for cherry blossom - scented soap!

Traveling, no matter how near, affords one the privilege to learn something new.

Fabulous week ahead, ladies!
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