Things I Love Sundays: Cold and Other Things

I'm really liking this weather --- it's a lot easier to do things, except wake up on time and jump out of bed most days. I get to wear my knits and scarves without fear of sweating some time during the day. Surely, there's something wrong with the climate but it does help look at the brighter side of things.

Nippy weather is <3

Speaking of cold things, I may be the only one I know who loves eating ice cream more during colder days. I am thoroughly convinced I may have been a polar bear in my past life.

Magnolia's Butterscotch ice cream calls for a change in toothpaste

License plates

Rosé night with the BFF + living like I was 22 again

Mr. Bean's soya ice cream is a new favorite despite not being lactose-intolerant =P

Seeing the beauty blogging community once again is a blessing

This saved me face {literally} on a humid night.

Love stories in the last trimester of life sprang me a tear. You can't hurry love, indeed.

This week is a little bit crazy and I'm looking forward to it.

Happy week ahead, my dearest readers!
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