What I Know For Sure: It's Always Somebody's Hard Work

I had an insightful little chat with my boss before I left to celebrate the weekend. When you work Mondays through Fridays, nine hours a day, socialize in the evenings and cram sleep within seven hours, weekends are celebrated wildly and caution is thrown {mildly} into the wind. I know a lot of people go off the corporate path but I like where I am, I like structure, I like getting molded into hard discipline.

I spent the day reading and catching up about the news circulating the internet, the blogging world and the digital marketing world. When your work involves a lot of the internet, you can go to sleep for a few hours and the world can change so much.

It was a relatively hard and easy week. There were some frogs that needed to be eaten, on a Monday nonetheless, but the hardness of Monday was easily replaced by a rewarding day last Tuesday. Things can be trying but I had an image of Harvey Specter in my head so yes, grit wins.


  • When shit is about to hit the fan. Just close your eyes. Do not worry. Control only what you can.
  • Watching the Oscars is such a magical thing. That very magic is wiped away by the gritty story of Dallas Buyers Club though. I have watched the first half and I'm now with a heavy heart. It's like Breaking Bad all over again!
  • I normally make it a point to watch Oscars' Best Picture awardees but this year, I was more interested in the movie where Matthew McConaughey beat Leonardo DiCaprio. Man. Was he good. I haven't been so disturbed in a long time.
  • "That it sometimes takes a lot longer for the rest of the world to catch up to what you knew all along. Fortitude and plain old faith is everything at the very beginning." Fortitude is such a powerful thing.
  • It's always so comforting to be in the presence of people you love. 
  • Speaking of love, according to this guy and the couples he has interviewed, the most successful relationships are almost always a slow burn. 
  • April + Jackson <3 

What do you know for sure this week?
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