Chronicles of Face Masks: Dermal Facial Mask

Happy, happy Saturday, my ladies!

It's a hot day of May already and I can't believe the year just flew by. I guess when you're managing a household of someone high maintenance {guilty}, try to live a healthy life, maintain an active life, one's skin can show the exhaustion, the stress and the derma trips missed will really show if you don't do anything about it.

Thankfully, with all the masks in my home {thank you, Barbi}, I am able to emit that glow, as one Chronicles of Vanity reader asked. This is my trick to glowing skin!

Dermal Collagen Essence Face Masks in so many flavors! 36 all in all!

To be candid about it, I pretty much never cared much about facial masks a year ago. I thought they were huge waste of time and my skin was pretty elastic anyway then. Then of course, Into the Gloss published this insane article on the Korean girl's 10-step routine and OH MY GOD. I did see results! I did the step about makeup remover wipes, masks, softener, emulsion and cream. My most favorite part is of course the facial masks, which I do every so often now.

I AM A MASK ADDICT. There, I said it.

Having said that, let me share with you my experience with Korea's most favorite facial mask, Dermal.

  • Barbi advised me to put it on at night for as long as I can, so I do for about 15 minutes before sleeping, after applying toner. Of course, I don't wash if off and just add my eye cream and moisturizer. 
  • My face feels so refreshed, so glowy and soft. Can't stop touching my face!
  • The optimal frequency of a facial mask is about three times a week and see yourself have improved skin.
  • If you have the time, massage the face while you have the mask on for a more relaxing time. Helps blood circulation, too!
  • Amazing price at PHP70/pack at Beauty Bar! Woot!
  • Tara's Tip: Store your masks in your fridge for an extra cold sensation when you put them on.

And this is me after a night with Dermal Bee Venom mask.


Exclusively available at the following Beauty Bar branches: Trinoma, Mall of Asia, Shangri-la, Rockwell, Lucky Chinatown, Midtown, Glorietta, Greenbelt, Magnolia, Alabang Town Center, and Eastwood; Instagram  @dermalkoreaph;

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