Things I Love Sundays: The Luckiest

My chicken teriyaki is simmering on this hot Sunday, and what I really am contemplating about is taking a nap. I just finished Friends Season 10 and it's like letting go of a good friend all over again. The show ended ten years ago, Jen Aniston looks the same as she does today but the laugh out loud moments remain, as so does the wisdom.

When I'm not busy parking myself in front of Friends, I've actually been out and about, and yes, I'd gotten home beyond 12 AM this week! I haven't done this in a long time and I'm truly proud of myself for not falling asleep while I'm out. Hooray!

Barre3 Mondays <3 

Gabó! PS: Thank you Facial Care Centre for my mason jar mug. Love, love!

Bacon Slab meal and yummy handcrafted ice cream at Poco Deli = just perfect.

Meet one year old me, #tbt

This week, two people I admire celebrated their birthday:

I've yet to watch Grand Budapest Hotel but happy birthday, Wes! Someday, we'll go and have coffee together.

Happy 85th, Audrey.

My favorite find this week: Finders Keepers.

Swimming trainings, puttering around my tiny kitchen in an apron, ramen-ing with my closest friends, making like a traveler in my home city, discovering gifts in the form of jelly ace for me, scoring winter clothes right smack in the middle of summer {ah, SALE heaven}, witnessing my second wedding for the year, new song discoveries, Grey's Anatomy and lots of love to make this life worthwhile.

Happy week ahead, my darlings!
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