Chronicles of Apps: `Apps I'd Pay Money For

I don't know about you but it's almost five years since I've switched from a traditional Nokia phone {a 6300 was my last Nokia phone} to an iPhone 3GS, which was triggered by a humongous phone bill from a vacation abroad.

Looking back, I just realized how my life had changed since. I cannot imagine life anymore without apps, I've since been part of creating several for work and my life has been made a lot more interesting, easier and cooler with apps.

  • Songza. Thanks to my pretty friend, Nicole, I discovered the beauty of my favorite song app, Songza. Before Songza, I used to use 8tracks and some days, I find 8tracks to be too hipster at times, that I choose a playlist expecting one thing and getting another thing. With Songza, it has the coolest playlists ever {Singing in the Shower, anyone?} and I actually like and feel like singing the songs it plays. I've discovered songs I bought from here, too!
  • Spotify. Not too far behind is Spotify, which was recently brought in by Globe and Coca Cola into the Philippines. Similar to Songza, it plays music according to playlists but if you're the type who has a random song in your head, you can look it up here and just play it in one click. I heard from friends that it's PHP 129/month for a premium subscription and if you're a music-head, that ain't too bad. Plus, you get to play that song offline, too. Not too shabby!
  • VSCO. Visual Supply Co. would've to be one of my most favorite photo editing apps {amongst a host of so many} because a photo is amazingly beautiful once it goes through any of its filters. VSCO has got to be one of the most beautifully designed apps, that spark my creative side all the freaking time.
  • Pedometer+. This app makes me move more, which is amazing.
  • See that 9,000 steps right there? Made possible by shopping =P
  • Pocket. Oh where do I begin? Pocket stores all the links you like so you can come back to them when you finally have time to read. There's a Chrome plug in for it, too, so all your devices can be synced to it. Love the interface, too!

Honorable mentions: Waze, Uber, Instagram {of course!}, Viber and all the travel apps in the world.

Happy Friday!
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