Confessions of a Germaphobe

I’m really not sure when it started but lately, I am constantly thinking about the germs I encounter everywhere. I guess seeing microbes under a microscope and knowing about how dirt and germs can drive someone to be sick, get infections or worse, die of a terrible infectious, germ-caused sickness. This is the thought that constantly rings in my head so I always hold my breath inside elevators for fear of catching someone’s virus.

I am exaggerating. Or not.

Most days, I have one spray bottle of hand sanitizer in my bag, one in the car and about two bottles in my desk. My colleagues know that every Monday morning, I don’t touch my table until I’ve sprayed the entire space with alcohol. “Don’t you trust the personnel? They clean it


,” my friend C said. “I do, it’s their rags and chemicals I don’t trust,” is what I say.

Another scenario are public bathrooms. Once upon a time, I withheld peeing for 12 hours (YES, I KNOW!) because I took one look at the bathroom and I cried inside like a loser. There’s something about germs that scares me to tears, especially since it was the only restroom in the vicinity. I had my trusty hand sanitizer then but I didn’t dare spray it all since the bathroom needed muriatic acid to be usable. Since then, despite the spotlessness of it all, I still spray door handles, toilets and flush lids with alcohol. Some months ago, a friend and I traveled and took turns in spraying alcohol inside our hotel suite.  Some days ago, I was assigned to inventory duty, which means I’m inside a warehouse all day. By now, you can guess what I’ve done all day.

Obviously, alcohol and fear of germs are ruling my life.

Like a good shopper, it took me a long time to find the perfect one. I’m not a fan of non-sprayable gel types, and the 70% isopropyl alcohol drives me crazy with the obsessive hand-cream-ing after. Thankfully, my alcohol/sanitizer sponsor, Hygienix is perfect. Just the right scent, small and big sizes and not too drying! Thank you Hygienix for supporting my (sanitizing) alcohol habit!

My usual bag suspects always include a bottle of alcohol sanitizer. Always.

Hygienix is clinically proven to kill 99.99% of disease-causing bacteria and germs. The Hygienix Hand Care line has Anti-Bacterial Hand Spray Fresh Defense (20ml, Php 25; 55ml, Php 39.50), Hand Gel Fresh Defense (55ml, Php 29; 100ml, Php 45), and Ethyl Alcohol 65% Solution (60ml, Php 15; 150ml, Php 28; 250ml, Php 40). Hygienix is available at leading department stores, drugstores, supermarkets and convenience stores nationwide.

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