Tara's Travel Bucket List: 2014 Edition #MyAirbnbBucketList

Sometime in 2010, I dreamed about a lot of traveling. 

I guess it was because I was finally done with the early {lost, quarter life crisis-ing} years of post-graduation, I made up my mind that I wasn't going to pursue an MBA and I had recently broken up with my then-boyfriend. I had a lot of time in my hands but not as much willpower, so most of my travels were planned by other people for me, or chances that fell into my lap.

Four years and eight countries later, I've taken a more proactive stance at traveling, and in my pastime, I think about where to go, where to eat, which museums to burn my hours away at, what to wear.

OH, the joys of planning travels

! Did you know that science says that the planning stage is the part that gives more joy {because of the days}? I can say that's super true!

This year, I am proud to say that I've taken much of the reins, and I'm actually traveling to several cities that I've always wanted to see. I started with a lot of research, a lot of math, a lot of financial planning, cutting back on some luxuries and buying clothes on sale and now, here I am, a few weeks away from my year-in-the-making vacations! On top of being proactive, I've opened up myself to the concept of staying at hostels {no shared rooms, still, though}, trying out B&Bs {airBNB} and taking the roads less traveled. I realize that the best travels for me are the ones where I experience the local culture, the ones that include taking the local transportation, conversing in local vernacular and basically, getting lost. I like meeting strangers, too and having the most profound of conversations.


  • The actual room I'll be staying at in Amsterdam.
  • Berlin. When I first asked for permission to go on leave from my boss, he immediately asked where I was going and when I responded "Germany," he recommended I go to Berlin. I'm so glad that we'll be staying in this city for three days because Berlin is such an artist's paradise, and every turn of the head brings an artful surprise.
  • The Berlin Book Tower
  • London. Touted by CNN as the most expensive city of 2013, our upcoming trip to London needed so much planning, we're actually not done yet. There's just so much to see, so many castles to visit, museums, Stonehenge, the Michael Jackson musical, the Buckingham palace, the Harry Potter tour and our important task of watching Les Miserables. My friend C and I are already preparing ourselves because it ain't gonna be cheap!
  • We haven't arrived to locking down our accommodations but definitely considering airBnB!
  • Paris. There are no words to explain my fascination with Paris, French women, French culture and French music, and French films. Since it's about four hours away from London, it was a no brainer that we come to Paris. And I'm thisclose to completing my booking with my Parisienne airBNB host! My Paris trip requirement? One full day to get lost in the city!
  • Provence. I am not sure why for the longest time, I've always wanted to go to Provence, walk on lavender fields and do nothing. I'm just glad to be going there this year though. :D
  • Neuschwanstein Castle, Bavaria. Ever since I was old enough to know that the Walt Disney castle was patterned after Ludwig II's castle in Bavaria, I made it a point to plan to go. Thankfully, 2014 is the year I'm stepping into this castle! :)
  • For this one, Trafalgar is my best friend. Planning for several cities in one country is kinda tough to do on your own, so I'm happy for our personal travel planner from Trafalgar!

There's really some more cities I'd like to visit this year but people like me only get so much VLs {ha!}, so I guess Barcelona, Madrid, Rome, Florence, Rome and Venice would have to wait next year.

What about you? Where are you going? What's on your list? Join AirBNB today and earn AirBNB travel credits: www.airbnb.com/c/tcabullo

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