Chronicles of a Foodie: Cafe Leona, Vigan

There were many things that I noticed when my friends and I spent four days in Ilocos. One, the people were warm -- a notch higher than Manila citizens, if you want a comparison. One noticeable trait I noticed, too, was that they were surprised when we tipped them or provided gratuities. It was a nice surprise, which made the tips all the more worth it.

Upon reaching Vigan, in time for lunch, our driver recommended we try out the famous Cafe Leona, which is situated right smack in the center of downtown Vigan, at the corner of Calle Crisologo. I have eaten there before with my former colleagues but I remember loving it, so it was a no brainer to come there again with my best friends. 

Cafe Leona, as anyone would see, is pretty old, which matches the overall Vigan architecture. It looked the same as it has, some five years ago. Together with this, the neighboring Max's and McDonald's carried the Spanish architecture the city is dressed in.

The Tomato and Basil Salad was the right starter, indeed.

Bacon and Bagnet Maki | I'm not a big pork eater so the bite-sized pork servings of these treats were just right up my alley. We loved this dish so much we ordered it again!

My friends had one mission in Ilocos, that is to eat bagnet {crispy, deep fried pork} in ridiculous amounts. So we did, and it was yummy!

Cafe Leona's Chicken Sisig was ok but nothing too remarkable.

Pinakbet with Bagnet: Just ok, as I am not a fan of pinakbet.

Overall: I highly recommend Cafe Leona if you don't mind the old {somewhat dingy} interiors. Don't mind the buffet table and order alá carte from the menu whatever makes your stomach grumble. Prices are not bad, too :)

Ever been to Ilocos?
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