Things I Love Sundays: Buzzer Beater

During the entirety of this week, I felt like everything I did was on a timer.

I had to be in bed by 10 PM, I need to be done with all of my tasks from 8:30 - 12 NN and from 1 PM to 4:30. I have to be in swim training by 5 PM, at this event by 6 PM. Everything I did was on the clock from Monday to Friday, so when the evening of Friday hit, I almost jumped in happiness knowing I was done with trying to be everything and do everything.

Somehow, that was exhausting. Fulfilling but darn exhausting.

Do you ever have people who just don't like you? I do. And whenever I worry why this person won't like me regardless of everything nice I thought I did, I revert to this saying and I don't care again :)

My A-Line Graduated Bob just got more TLC from Piandré and Macadamia Natural Oil :D Stay tuned for the full review!

One of the best decisions ever: Catch a film from the French Film Festival at Greenbelt. OH this makes me so happy until now :)

Passed by Greenbelt 5 and Leeroy New's creations are awe-inspiring.

I purchased a new pair of all-terrain shoes, Praiäz and they came with wish ribbons! :)

Makati Street Art

I love my Maid of Honor duties :)

A weekend with these two was the best thing this week. So much to look forward to this week, hope yours is just as amazing :)
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