Things I Love Sundays: Plain Mornings

It was at that moment that I stepped into the grassy meadows of Kapurpurawan that, for some inexplicable reason, Chris Carraba's A Plain Morning started playing inside my head. Maybe because it was a gray, rainy morning in the northernmost part of the island, and I was wearing my red raincoat. Life was great --- I've been traveling with my very best friends, it felt like an extended slumber party. I was in front of some of the best wonders of this world, and I had seen what I wanted to see before I left, ticked off to dos off the list.

Life is awesome. 

I'd definitely be writing more and in extensive lengths about my second trip to Ilocos, but for now, before I catch some zzzzzs, let me share some of the things that made me super duper happy this week:

Love is in the Air | OHHHH! I'm so happy to have been able to catch this film --- and only for PHP 100, too! Thanks to G Movies, no need to line up :D Love, love, love this silly, shallow movie :D

The shores of the Patapat Viaduct

Mr. and Mrs. Ferdinand Marcos' view from their bedroom in Ilocos. 

I am cold, by Juan Luna, whom I discovered {and judged, LOL} to be a crazy, moody artist. He must've been a character to know. 

"Dumilim ang paligid, may tumawag sa pangalan mo." | {a repro of} Spoliarium by Juan Luna

Thanks to the extremely knowledgeable tour guide of the Juan Luna Shrine in Badoc, Ilocos, I have a newfound appreciation for the Spoliarium and local art, too.

Every artist's dream: Hotel Luna

Welcome to the shire --- NOT. This was in Kapurpurawan, Ilocos. 

For some inexplicable reason, I look at windmills and I think of cats.

Playing catch, being silly and just running around like we were teenagers :D

Ilocos is a foodie haven --- this photo was when we were at La Preciosa. Will share my foodie finds in my next posts.

Because it's fathers' day, happy fathers' day to my daddy {and papa in heaven!} and to your dads, too!

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