Chronicles of a Foodie: Duck & Buvette

The only bad thing about continuously discovering amazing restaurants in the city is that I can't stand eating sub-par food most days --- sometimes even my own cooking don't make the cut! Some weeks ago, the BDJ girls and I were scheduled to grab dinner and update each other. We initially wanted to eat at Green Pastures {yummy salad BUT long lines, always}, so we went to Duck & Buvette instead.

While I was already blown away that night with the yummy dishes served to us at D&B, I was once again mesmerized {yes, I really was} when I went back with my friend C. Duck & Buvette is located at the second floor of the main mall of Shangri La Plaza, so it made sense to grab dinner and a cocktails before watching Begin Again.

It is formerly Cafe Provencal, which is a cafe I haven't seen at all!

I started with a cocktail, Duck & Buvette's Pampalousse, which is a fruity cocktail of grapefruit juice and bourbon and Lillet. Yum. :)

Truffle Roasted Cauliflower, an explosion of roasted vegetable, punctuated with yummy truffle and garlic notes. This was less than PHP 200, I believe.

Goat Cheese Ravioli, not your usual pasta but just as French and just as yummy as the first time I ate it.

Maple Candied Bacon.

Gosh. Where do I start? If there's only one thing how to make bacon better than it already is, this is the way. 

I am no food blogger, and to be honest, I am not that eloquent enough to explain how awesome it is to be eating at D&B, the feeling of biting your first bite into that cauliflower, but I do know it's worth my money and I would probably be back soon :D

Happy Monday!
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