Things I Love Sundays: Paris Dreaming

I've been seated in my choice of café this Sunday and I am liking the way my day is going. Surprisingly, I woke up early today, had my fill of coffee and headed out to brunch. I'm three months away from my Paris trip and the Francophile in me is jumping for joy in the most discreet way possible. As I've recently discovered the joys of DIY travels, I am planning the trip with my friend C, over brunch, capuccino, fish and mash and arugula salad. In between bites, we talk about where to stay {somewhere near

Musée d'Orsay

}, the daytrips we will take {Normandy, Versailles and Giverny} and where to eat {WHERE??}. I must say it's not very easy, especially when the destination country does not operate in a language you know.

Still, the adventure looms and it's as exciting as ever. We are quite the planners --- from the budget, estimated time and duration, outfits {must!}, train stations to ride and what is near to which.

In other news, it's been an eventful week, but most importantly, my life resumed to its normalcy with the presence of my flavored Coffeemates :P Thank you,





Paint and Prosecco Nights, thank you, Artdeco!

French dinners and more champagne.

Watched Garden State and I am still enamored by the OST.

Morning choices, thanks, L'oreal Paris!

Being made up by the amazing Nicole Pastrano

New Slang | The Shins

Also, people who give you entire playlists you don't have

Bloom | Paper Kites

Ezra Vine | Celeste

It's a happy week ahead for me and I wish you the same thing, too!