If you've been reading my blog or know me well in person, you'd know that I am confused by fairy tales. I tend to forget who did what, who poisoned who or how Hansel and Gretel found the house, if they followed the crumbs. Wait, that was Goldilocks, wasn't it?

Anyway, being in Germany for six days now and I am enamored by this country. Before coming in, I knew it to be a heartless, soulless city (sorry!) but that's my fault for not being in the know of so many things and using Adolf Hitler as the sole reference. But coming here was just so magical. It is the home of the Grimm brothers and the inspiration of so many fairy takes after all.

Everywhere in Germany, the woods are dense, the lakes are sparkling in summer and spring, deers run out of the woods and people are charming even if they don't speak a lot of English. Last night, I stared in awe at how this Hampton-esque side of Berlin showed me the most picturesque lake ever. I was fighting the urge to swim in the lake and won but I wish I did.


Do you wanna see how homes looked like before? Take a look at this:


Such a beautiful country that preserved its history.

Happy Wednesday!
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