Sunshine Award + Facts About Me

My perfect selfie friend Nicole of Beauty & Sparkle nominated me for a fun award called Sunshine Award. Unlike her, I have posted several personal stuff on this blog and since most of you guys like it when I do that, here are some more :)

  1. Post a picture of the Sunshine Blogger Award (done!)
  2. Post 11 random facts about yourself
  3. Answer 11 questions from the nominating blogger
  4. Link back to the blogger who nominated you (done!)
  5. Nominate 11 wonderful bloggers, that you feel bring sunshine to the blogging world.
  6. Write 11 questions for your nominated bloggers

Random Fact #1:

I don't own a TV. Haven't had one in so long that I don't know the TV series in local channels anymore and I don't get it when people reference TV commercials. I've stopped paying for cable because I don't like the timing of the series I watch on TV so I just get those online and watch when I have time. I am interested in Anthony Bourdain at the moment and I watch Breaking Bad when I can stomach it.

Random Fact #2:

Despite already doing the fairy tale route in Germany, I still don't know who followed the crumbs and who was eaten by the wolf.

Random Fact #3:

I absolutely adore the smell of peaches and pink grapefruits.

Random Fact #4:

If a movie about my life is to be made, I'd like Kristen Bell to portray me. Or Blake Lively.

Random Fact #5:

I adore typography. Show me a font and I bet you I can identify it =P

Random Fact #6:

I've come to that age where I don't like wearing heels anymore until I absolutely need to. I can't believe it either.

Random Fact #7:

I'm perpetually in sunnies except in evenings for two reasons: I don't like it when the sun gets into my eyes and I like being able to stare at people without looking like I am. =P

Random Fact #8:

 am uninterested in unflavored coffee mate. Either real cream or flavored Coffee Mate please.

Random Fact #9:

The only jeans/pants I like wearing a lot are yoga pants and jeggings. I dislike wearing jeans unless they're stretchy.

Random Fact #10:

I still dream of becoming an engineer/urban planner. I don't know when and how I can do that but I still hope.

Random Fact #11:

I am fascinated by cultures {a special place is in my heart for France} and all the differences in each country.

Whew, that was long :) As for the rest of the post, it will be all about answering the questions written by Nic on her blog:

Name something you can’t resist.  A good conversation.

What’s the one book you can read over and over again? Right now, it's Lunch in Paris by Elizabeth Bard.

Which celebrity would you trade lives with? Blake Lively.

What quote inspires you? How you do anything is how you do everything. No shabby work ever.

What’s the best beauty advice you’ve received? Take good care of your teeth.

Your favorite midnight snack? Jellyace :)

Where did you go on your first airplane ride? General Santos City

What’s the best part of this day so far? Traveling to Amsterdam

If you could live anywhere in the world for a year, where would it be?  Berlin. Or Amsterdam :)

If you had a time machine, when would you go? 2002.

And of course, what’s the latest beauty product you’ve fallen in love with? Happy Skin's Shut Up and Kiss Me in Just Say Yes.

I nominate the following:

Here are my eleven questions:

  1. What keeps you blogging everyday or whenever you blog?
  2. What's your favorite song right now?
  3. If you had a hand, who would you choose for Chris Martin? Gwyneth or J.Law?
  4. What's in your life bucket list?
  5. What's a place in your travel list?
  6. Favorite rom com of all time?
  7. Favorite chick flick of all time?
  8. Mr. Big or Aidan?
  9. Any signature cocktails?
  10. What's your signature scent?
  11. Name one thing you have to do this lifetime.

That's all. Happy Tuesday!
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